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Most people are unaware that the articles posted on our pages do NOT get displayed to everyone! A recent post of mine showed that it was seen by exactly ONE PERSON – ME, evidently! That is not the way FB started out but it is the way that Facebook is FORCING page owners to pay for advertising our pages. Either I pay, or my posts don’t get displayed.

I believe that the articles of the “Prophecy with a pinch of salt” book will be of great interest and value to my friends and their friends – and beyond! We just have to get the message to them.

Promoting pages on Facebook

salt on facebook or twitter

“Promoting” is Facebook’s term for PAYING to get your post or page displayed to more people. 

So far, I have spent almost $30 of my own money trying to advertise the Prophecy with Salt page on Facebook, and gotten very little results. As reported today (see the image to the right), For $25.81, I have gotten almost nothing. Although over 4,100 people POTENTIALLY saw the advertisement, only 61 people actually clicked on it. That works out to costing me $.42 a click!!

And, even though we increased the number of likes by 19, ALL of those likes came from our friends and their friends! NOT a single Page Like came from the ad!!

So, I need your help. Would you SHARE some of our posts with your friends on Facebook? Share the articles that you feel would be of interest to your friends (probably NOT this one). Posts such as our TIMELINE article deserve widespread sharing! Such personal sharing (& commenting) does more to spread the message than anything else. And, it will save me a few of my (very limited) personal dollars.

At the bottom of each article are sharing buttons for the major social media sites. Just click a button and follow the instructions! Simple!! (Works best if you are already logged in to the social media site.)

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copyright material

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Help Me Write

Help Me Write

Would you help me write this book?

The purpose of posting these articles online is not (primarily) for your reading pleasure. 😉  Although I trust that each article will be beneficial to you, the reason that I am publishing them is to get your feedback.

I would like for you to keep up with the development of this book and provide comments and constructive criticism. What I really need are some “beta testers” or “focus group members” to give me feedback on how each article “feels” from the reader’s perspective.

  • Tell me if you take exception to the content.
  • Tell me if you find grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Tell me if it just does not make sense to you.
  • Debate the theological issues.
  • Give me an “Attaboy” if you feel that it is appropriate.

Comments of this nature will help me to read each article as an observer – rather than as a writer. Hopefully, the finished product will be a book that holds both interest and value for the readers.

Benefits: Each time you comment on a section of the book, you will make the book better for all of us. I have not decided whether I will publish in paper and electronically or just electronically but I may put some price on the finished book. Anyone who helps will, at a minimum, get (upon request) a free copy of the finished e-book. No other financial offers are made.

DISAGREE? I understand that not everyone will agree with the concepts that I present. That is OK. We may disagree but we must respect each other – and the other person’s opinions. Whether you agree or disagree, I will be pleased to discuss these issues with you on this site. However, I will NOT be drawn into an argument over these matters. Questions posed on Facebook or other social media will generally be directed to the relative article here for discussion so that all comments will be kept together.

Please refrain from asking questions about the concepts which I have not yet discussed. This will keep the discussion more organized and logical. Instead, leave a comment relative to a particular article. In other words, just attach a comment to the article where the concept is mentioned. EXCEPTION: You are always welcome to make suggestions about topics that I may have not considered. Such comments probably should be added to this page.

To participate, you only need to add your comments to the bottom of an articles’ page. You will be asked for your real name (displayed) and a valid email address (not displayed to the public). You will also be required to respond to an email confirmation sent to you before your comment will be visible online.

Thank you in advance for your participation!