04 – Ultimate Judgment – Will it be just?


Ultimate Judgment – Will it be just?


For many people, just the mention of the word brings a chill in their being! And, many Christians visualize God’s judgment as a time of uncertainty and fear. It is like (only infinitely more fearful) standing in a courtroom today, waiting for the jury to announce their verdict. It is especially fearful, knowing that you are guilty but hoping that the prosecution did not prove it to the extent that the jury will convict you.

The problem with God’s judgment is that HE HAS ALL THE FACTS! Who could possibly escape the certain judgment since we are guilty and the Prosecutor, Judge & Jury all know the truth?

Well, the good news is that even though we are all guilty before God for our rebellion & sin, when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He washes our record clean with His own blood (shed on the cross). So God the Father can view us as righteous & justified. It is not necessary for us to be punished when Jesus has already taken the punishment for us.

There are many questions about what we should or shouldn’t do in this life. The extent of human “righteousness” required to enter heaven is in dispute. But what is absolutely true is that God will judge each of us fairly and juslyj with grace and mercy.

There is one more issue that we need to consider. Are sinners judged alongside of God’s children? That is the question answered by the next article, “One Judgment?


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